Winter in Palm Springs is the definition of perfect. The weather is warm, and while nights can get chilly in the valley, daytime is suitable for outdoor activities where you don’t have to worry too much about the desert heat. This season, we recommend that you head out on the green! That’s right; It’s time to tee off when you vacation to one of our beautiful Palm Springs villas, at McLean Company. Here are some essential tips for desert golfing, that you’ll want to know before you hit your first hole in one.

The Right Attire

Golfing requires a different type of clothing, so you’ll want to make sure you have the right attired packed for this golfing vacation. As most golf courses abide by a dress code, it’s best to check out websites, clubhouses, or ask when booking your game to learn about what is acceptable. Collared shirts, dress pants, and golf shoes are more of the favorite items people tend to wear, but some courses do not allow metal spikes on shoes, or even denim clothing.

Summer Desert Golfing

While it’s currently winter in the desert, summer golfing is also something you might want to do if you’re planning a trip in 2018. The desert produces temps in the triple digits, which can make golfing in the summer a hot one. Always have water with you, so you stay hydrated. It’s best to see if the Clubhouse will let you bring your water bottles on the course, or if you have to buy them on site, as some locations prohibit outside food and beverages. We also recommend you bring some H2O with you even when playing in the winter. As rounds can take up to 4 hours, you’ll want to ensure you don’t get dehydrated.

The Desert Rule

Desert golfing means that on some courses you’ll be playing the desert rule. This rule turns the desert into a lateral hazard if a player loses their ball, that ball is no longer playable. Which leads to the player having the option to drop a new ball within two club lengths of where the ball entered the desert or grassy area. The Desert Rule is then met with a one-stroke penalty against the player.

You’re Not Alone on the Course

Something to always remember when playing golf in the desert is that you’re honestly not alone. That means you don’t want to mess with whatever else is on the course such as the desert critters that call the area home. If you happen to lose a ball in grass or bushes, do not reach your hand in there, as you’ll want to inspect the area with your club first. Rattlesnakes and scorpions, plus other animals call the area home, and sting on the hand isn’t something you want to deal with during your trip to Palm Springs!

Whenever you decide to get out on the green, you’ll have a blast! Whether it’s with the family or you’re just out with your buddies, there are plenty of locations to try and practice on or play a game. This winter, enjoy your time at the tee when you book your trip with McLean Company. Take a look at this list of all the golf courses in our town then enjoy our Palm Springs Villas; we’ll be waiting for you and your golf clubs!

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