Hi! What are you up to this week-end? We finally finished the second season of White Lotus (I know, very late…) and now have consistent and extremely strong pangs to live in Sicily.  Where do you think season three will take place? South America would be fun…or maybe Singapore. Anyway, here’s a few things we’ve been digging lately… 

1. This IS the month of love, but we happen to think wearing rose-colored glassesyear round should be a thing. Sunny dispositions abound to get you through the dredges of winter. Besides, have you ever seen someone wearing them and NOT smiled?

2. Speaking of winter dredges, if you’re in the muck, why not take a page out of Jenny Waltons sartorial page and don a balaclava. They are back this season in a big way and we don’t think you can really go wrong with pink and mohair, right? Winter: elevated.

3. If you haven’t had Jeni’s Cookies In Cream Ice-Cream, we can’t be friends. Super creamy, velvety chocolate and the most dreamy vanilla scent. We are envisioning it now: you’ve booked a stay here and our Experience Experts have your fridge stocked with it upon arrival. Done and dusted.

4. Have you tried Bobbi Brown’s newest venture Jones Road yet? We’ve had our eyes set on the miracle balm for a little while now – half because Instagram told us to, and the other half because who doesn’t love a clean, cruelty-free miracle on their faces? If you’ve tried, give us the deets and send us the reviews!

5. Daydreaming of your Spring ’23 outdoor table fashion for optimal brunches & bubbles with friends? Us too. We love this patterned & striped, block-printed tablecloth from Furnish. Lots of coordinating napkins, placemats, coasters, and tea towels too, so don’t be shy about turning your table full maximalism.

6. Don’t mean to be alarmist, but Modernism Week is fast approaching (Feb. 16-26!) Did you know there’s a 3-step process to doing the event right? Step 1. Take the Poppy Personality Quiz to determine which stays are right for you – bonus points for getting Design Lover. Step 2. Book said perfect stay based on said personality type and Step 3. Buy your tickets for the event. Hurry! 

7. Embarrassed to admit this but, cleansing oil has been a part of our skincare toolbox for a long while now and it’s only as of recent that we started using it for makeup removal on a regular basis (forehead slap). Well, that was a total game changer. But honestly, the real game changer has been the addition of this detoxifying facial oil from Naked & Thriving. Now, its oil cleanse > serum > facial oil > moisturizer with spf > and a face mist finish. Voila, c’est magnifique!!

8. Okay, our favorite present under the tree this year was these coupes from Glassique Cadeau. Not only did they elevate our hosting experience, but they added a certain je ne sais quoi to our lives adn made us feel fclassy, even in our pjs. Might we add…not just for bubbles, think manhattans, martinis and cosmos too.

9. Also fast approaching is Coachella 2023 (April 14-23). Frank Ocean is the headliner and is going to be epic. Passes are on sale now here and you can book your stay here.

10. Have you ever gone to the golf course and thought to yourself “everyone sort of looks the same”. Well us too, and that’s why we are super into these Nike Air Max 90 G NRG golf shoes. If you’re going to gold here in the desert, you might as well add a teeny bit of color and fun, right? 

That’s all for now…


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