Don’t Feel Stuck at Home in the Desert

Top 5 Things to do in Palm Springs with your Family

Now that school is out indefinitely, finding things to do is always a top priority. This is even more challenging in this unprecedented time with all major attractions and parks closed.  If you are looking to escape the city and hunker down at home in a private vacation rental, Palm Springs might be the best destination yet.  You can get plenty of sunshine and outdoor fun while still maintaining social distancing rules.  Even better, all our vacation homes have private backyards and pools and enough space for the whole family.  You know what that means? Vacation doesn’t have to stop when the kids go to bed (i.e. No more hiding under the covers watching Netflix at 8 p.m. with headphones)!

Come on down to Palm Springs and make some memories.  Here are our top 5 things you can do while staying in Palm Springs this spring.

Go for a walk in the neighborhood.

Palm Springs is known for having some of the best architecture in the world. If you haven’t heard of modernism week, it is a full week of sight seeing that happens in Palm Springs where people come from all over to admire the amazing houses in the neighborhood.  Plan your very own Modernism Week tour with the family and take a tour of all our amazing neighborhoods. Did you know we have 44 neighborhoods and districts in our city? 

Head on over to our full walking guide to explore all the different neighborhoods and attributes by clicking here:

Bike Ride the CV Link 

The newly opened CV link V Link is an award-winning pathway that allows pedestrians, bicyclists, and low-speed electric vehicles (including golf carts) on a dual pathway. Starting off of Vista Chino in Palm Springs, you and your family can cruise our bicycle friendly city and hop on the CV link to enjoy incredible views of the valley. 

Take a hike

Greater Palm Springs has some of the best hiking in the world. From backcountry trails to easily accessible routes, all of them have something uniquely beautiful to offer. We found four of the best family- friendly hikes in our Oasis of natural beauty, all of which are easy treks and four miles or less.

Check out our full list of favorite hikes here.

Enjoy the stars and our dark sky ordinance

Grab a blanket and spread out in your private backyard to gaze at the stars.  With minimal light pollution and our dark sky ordinance in Palm Springs, it’s easy to pick out the constellations. 

Order In and Dine Al Fresco

Who says dining at home needs to boring.  Order take out or to-go and dine outside in the cool evening air. Check out the list of local restaurants that are still open and providing curbside pick-up or delivery. 

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