Taste Luxury while on your Vacation

Palm Springs is an exceptional desert community, and the food that you’ll get to enjoy is something you won’t want to miss out on during your vacation. You’ll find the best luxury villas Palm Springs has ever seen when you book with the fantastic McLean Company. Spend your days dining poolside, enjoying happy hour, or getting into the ultra-luxe scene of lavish dinners for two. However you imagine your trip, try a taste of luxury when visiting the desert, it just might make you want some dessert!

There is truly nothing like dining with your better half, and when you spend a few days in Palm Springs for a couples getaway, you’ll be surprised by all of the fantastic dining options. Offering fabulous intimate spots to unique dishes that will make your mouth water,  we know that no matter what, you’ll want to enjoy your night from the appetizer all the way to the decadent dessert. If you’re ultimately looking for a top restaurant to bring your loved one too, rest assured Palm Springs has some marvelous places to for a set of romance over the valley.

Luxe Tropics

We all know that the eclectic flair of mid-century modern mixed with tiki lounges and tropical specials comes to mind when you think of Palm Springs, and a romantic night wouldn’t be without the Tropicale. This upscale eatery has a fantastic neon-exterior and fun, retro interior which plays a nod to tropical features. Their menu is also just as unique as their decor, offering everything from small, shareable plates to incredible entrees and an extensive list of cocktails, fine wines, and more.

Dine under the Stars

Photograph by Spencer’s Restaurant

With much of Palm Springs weather hovering around the 70s for most of the year, you’ll get to experience a beautiful night under the stars when you dine on a patio. Spencer’s Restaurant which is in the foothills of the San Jacinto Mountains serves up an amazing culinary experience. The list of awards goes on for awhile, but you’ll want to taste their excellent American cuisine yourself. Serving up breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the option to dine increases so you’ll be able to eat here at least once on your trip.

We recommend trying their lunch prix fixe during the day as their business lunch prix fixe is ideal for those who have other things they need to do during the day. At night, when under the stars opt for the dinner prix fixe which consists of three courses. You can always choose to go al la carte at this fantastic restaurant if you’re not sure what you’re in the mood for, plus they have an extensive menu full of tantalizing options.

Room for a Meal and A View

Hosted on the former guesthouse of actor Cary Grant, you can dine right near the San Jacinto Mountains which offer a spectacular panorama. Copley’s on Palm Canyon offers a beautiful mix of tropical and European flavors, meld into savory American dishes. While the restaurant has a casual feel to it, you’ll be surprised by the sophistication of the cuisine itself. Boasting phenomenal meats, poultry, and seafood options their entrees are delicious but you might just want to taste their delectable desserts. We think their Adult Milkshake with Kiddy Toppings offers a fun twist to a couple’s dinner for two.

Have your Date Night Indoors

If you’re not so much in the mood to leave the stunning luxury villas, Palm Springs has, like our Palm Springs Escena Contemporary, that’s okay, we understand! Just like a fancy night out for two, you can do just that while staying indoors and spending time reconnecting while making an enjoyable meal together. Palm Springs Escena Contemporary offers a beautiful gourmet kitchen stocked full of everything you need to cook up something magical. All you have to do is pick up your favorite items at the grocery store and get to cooking with your sweetie by your side. We promise, this will not only ensure your perfect dinner meal, but you get to spend time with the one you loved most in life. Plus, it offers a perfect date-night indoors, especially on those nights where you just want to relax, poolside.

No matter where you end up dining, choosing the greatest luxury villas Palm Springs has to offer will bring the best out of this sweet desert city. There is always an option for everyone visiting, and the perfect vacation rental as well, plus, you won’t want to miss out on a special date night for two! Head to McLean Company rentals to spend a beautiful couple’s getaway, while sipping on fantastic wine, delicious meals, and spending time with loved ones.

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