Get Detailed with Stunning Palm Springs Architecture

Home to the largest collection of Mid-century modern spaces, Palm Springs has created its own design aesthetic over the years, and one that people flock to experience. To understand what that style is, you’ll want to know a bit about architecture, and we’re here to help you break that down. When describing mid-20th-century developments most give the nod to the exterior, interior, and design coupled with more organic forms like large glass and clean lines, which bring to life what you’ll see when stepping outside in Palm Springs. Design aspects include all sorts of buildings, shopping centers, and plenty of luxury villas Palm Springs has seen since this style has erupted. We’re sure there is no shortage of modern-style homes, especially when it comes to McLean Company’s perfectly curated vacation rentals which showcase this modern desert style of Palm Springs.

Experience Palm Springs Modernism

There are many ways to enjoy the unique beauty of Palm Springs. First up you’ll want to head outside and go for a walking tour as there are many interesting landmarks you’ll find throughout the city. You should stop at the Palm Springs Official Visitors Center, originally the Tramway Gas Station, to grab a map of other famous landmarks to visit. Second, you’ll want to make sure you book a guided tour around the city to learn more about mid-century modernism. There are quite a few options to choose from like The Modern Tour, PS Architecture Tours, and the Palm Springs Mod Squad. Finally, the best way to experience it all is to stay in a modern home! McLean Rentals has all that you need for rental options, especially when it comes to a few of our favorite modern designs like Casa Elizabeth and Modern Desert Palisades.

Casa Elizabeth

This famous home is worthy of staying for more than just one reason. Not only was it the late Elizabeth Taylor’s only Palm Springs home, but this property offers a beautiful option for those wanting a classic mid-century. Open and spacious rooms became popular with this movement, and there is no shortage of space in this fabulous retreat. With the help of post and beam architecture, many of these homes utilize glass walls to bring natural light inside. Similarly, you’ll find Casa Elizabeth with large glass windows that almost make it seem as if the outside, is inside. History seeps everywhere throughout this location. Featuring four bedrooms, high ceilings, and original art work owned by Elizabeth Taylor, don’t miss out on this option, perfect for any architectural lover.

Modern Desert Palisades

Nestled into the sloping desert terrain you’ll find Modern Desert Palisades, an excellent choice for those searching for modern luxury. Walls of glass will give you an almost 360-degree view of the mountainscape. With four bedrooms this ultra stylish retreat will send you right back to Mid-20th Century. Pure and unaltered Palm Springs modernism shines bright with this private desert community home.  Check for availability by calling McLean Company at (844) 325-5944.

Palm Springs is more than just lavish spas and rugged scenery; it’s truly an architectural dream come true. When picking McLean Company, we’ll make sure you get the most out of your vacation to California by helping you find a stunning property that is not only functional but also photo-worthy.  Whether you want contemporary or traditional, we have the best luxury villas Palm Springs has ever seen. Plus, with a broad range of options, we have everything for every type of taste!


The fall season makes for a desert getaway, with the summer having heat index within the triple digits, many visitors opt for a winter getaway to view the beautiful desert valleys of California. Autumn, though, has cooler temps and not a whole of visitors, so finding the right Palm Springs rentals for your family opens up a more extensive network of possibilities especially during this beautiful time of the year.

You’ve figured out that Palm Springs is a great place to go to this fall season, but you’re now on the hunt for the best rental option. Here at Mclean Company, we’ve got a whole host of Palm Springs rentals that will get you to close to all that you want to do within our charming city. We’ve compiled a small list of three of our wonderful rental options that highlight why booking a fall rental is a great idea!

More than Palms

There are a few things people search for when picking their vacation rental, the location being one. And we’ve got just the rental that will get you right in the middle of it all. Our Mid Century Movie Colony is in the heart of Palm Springs – which is right where you’ll want to be! Close to parks, tennis courts, and so much more, this rental offers the perfect location spot for those wishing to get away for a few days. Not only does the mid-century modern architecture and interior spark a historical sense within the building but step into the backyard, and you’ll experience the breathtaking mountain views. One of the fabulous parts of Palm Springs is the view you’ll get to see. Beyond the palms and the spas, the desert and especially the valleys are big draws to the city. And you’ll see just what we’re talking about when you take a chance on this rental.

What do you Need?

Second, do you know what you want out of your rental? If you do, then you’re in for a treat! Whether you’re looking for group options, you’re bringing the whole family, or you just want space. Do you want to lounge around your rental or get out and see the town? Our Twin Palms Paradise is perfect for entertaining! Whether it’s a huge group or a small one, this rental boast some much-needed amenities from spacious rooms, multiple bedrooms, and lots of backyard space for fun some in the sun. Making sure you know what you want and what you can help narrow down your rental options, especially when you want to entertain other guests within your group.

Know your Dates

When choosing a rental, it’s important to know what dates you’d like to vacation, unless you’re open to an endless possibility. Just remember that your desired rental might not be available, so being open to other options can come in handy, and with our large selection of luxury Palm Springs rentals, we’re sure you’ll find something the whole family will love. Choosing your dates can also give you a more extensive range of selections depending on when you’re traveling. Search our range of rentals by arrival and departure dates to see what options we have for you! You’ll find that our beautiful Casa Norte has quite a few open months, waiting for someone like you to book! Check out the days available for November, and you’ll love spending time in Palm Springs for a fabulous fall retreat.

However you choose to spend your days at our Palm Springs rentals, is up to you this fall season. When you book your vacation with McLean Company, you’ll get more than just a gorgeous locations, as you’ll have everything you could want and need within a short distance. Don’t let your fall trip slip through the cracks before winter rolls around and tourist season begins in the desert!


Forget about a new tie or cologne – to create a truly memorable Father’s Day for the dad in your life, plan a weekend getaway to Palm Springs. With a wide range of activities to offer from adventure to history to great dining options, there is plenty to entertain dad and everyone else in the family too.

Adventure Hummer Tours

A truly distinctive experience and escape from your daily grind, plan a Hummer tour in the Palm Springs desert. Special permits allow expert guides to lead you to exclusive paths and places in Joshua Tree National Park and the mystical canyons near the San Andreas Fault. Along with stunning views, you might catch a glimpse of coyotes, golden eagles and big horn sheep. Great for any age, the Hummer provides a smooth ride through desert terrain and is a fun experience for everyone.

Adventure Hummer Tours
Pro tip: Book your tour in advance at If Dad is into fitness, consider a mountain bike tour with Big Wheel Tours.

Coachella Valley Brewing Company

How do you make beer tasting educational? Enjoy a brewery tour! Using a state of the art brew system operating in only 15 breweries on the planet, Coachella Valley Brewing Company combines a systematic approach to brewing with green technology making them a leader in producing high-quality beers while being mindful of the environment. Emphasizing “farm-to-glass” brewing, they incorporate local citrus, herbs, honey and spices and have become well-known for their truly unique and flavorful craft beers.

Coachella Valley Brewing Company
Pro tip: Try the Stout flight if you like complex and rich tasting beers. The atmosphere is laid back and casual and accompanied minors are welcome on the tour.

Palm Springs Air Museum

This living history museum provides fascinating insight into the role of Air Power in World War Two and the Korean and Vietnam Wars. With a wealth of experiential exhibits, this attraction can easily fill hours with displays for every age including “climb on” options for children, videos and newsreels, flight simulators and even real flights on one of these historic planes.

Palm Springs Air Museum
Pro tip: Chat up the docents – many of them are veterans with great stories and experiences they are willing to share.

Escena Golf Club

What Palm Springs Father’s Day getaway would be complete without a round of golf for Dad? Ranked as the #6 Public Course in California by, this Nicklaus Design golf course is noted for its generous driving corridors, unobstructed sightlines, and the overall strength of its design. This is a quintessential Palm Springs course with spectacular views of the San Jacinto Mountains, towering palm trees, native desert landscaping and clear blue sky.

Escena Golf Club
Pro tip: The clubhouse features expansive mountain views and a great menu, making it a perfect place to sip a Chambord Lemon Drop while you wait for dad to finish up his round of golf.

LG’s Prime Steakhouse

LG’s is locally owned and has been an award-winning desert institution for nearly 30 years. Order their Caesar salad and have it prepared from scratch tableside The 24oz “Jewel in the Crown” Porterhouse or 30oz bone-in rib eye with a choice of six house made sauces, crab, lobster, is any meat lover’s dream. They also offer an unmatched selection of wines and cocktails. Cheers to Dad for Father’s Day.

LG’s Prime Steakhouse
Pro tip: LG’s has locations in Palm Springs and La Quinta. Make reservations in advance directly on their website at

Palm Springs offers a range of activities to fill an ideal Father’s Day weekend, but don’t forget relaxing by the pool at your own vacation rental. McLean Company offers just about any size rental you may need with styles from traditional and cozy Mediterranean to hip mid-century mod. Knowing that McLean Company is the longest operating, same owner, vacation rental management company in the entire desert gives you the peace of mind that your vacation rental experience will be smooth and worry-free. Just like your Father’s Day getaway should be. Call now to start your planning.

Fall Guide to Palm Springs

Fall is one the best times to travel to Palm Springs. Everyone knows that February has some of the most amazing weather throughout the entire year, but November is often overlooked. With an average temperature of 80 degrees, and mid season rates, planning a vacation to a sunny destination should be calling your name.  Planning a trip to the desert? Great! We have compiled are favorite local hotspots that is a must try when visiting the Greater Palm Springs area.

+ Art Museum +

The Palm Springs Art Museum is a local gem which is actually more than just a museum, expressed best in their mission statement: “As a cultural and educational leader in the greater desert community, the Palm Springs Art Museum provides extraordinary creative encounters based on its collections of modern and contemporary art and traditional art of the Americas.” The Palm Springs Art Museum has three locations, each with their own unique focus. Here’s your insider’s guide to this cultural gem.

Palm Springs Art Museum is located in downtown Palm Springs at 101 Museum Drive.  The museum is open Friday through Wednesday from 10 am – 5 pm and on Thursday from noon – 8 pm. Admission is $12.50 for adults, $10.50 for seniors and free for active military. For the budget minded, free admission is offered every Thursday from 4-8 pm and the second Sunday of each month.

+ thick as thieves +

Escape room: Team Building?  Two words which, when uttered together, conjure up a breakout meeting held in a beige mutli-use room with no windows.  A few hours of what could be aproductive work day playing games with colleagues until someone says “quitting time.”  Team building in this context is likely one of the least fun activities imaginable.  Not true for The Escape Room in Palm Springs. This fresh business model (conveniently located directly next door to Mclean Company) offers six themed rooms where a Game Master takes time to explain the rules of engagement: no lifiting of heavy objects, pay close attention to gameplay, be minded towards subtlety and get in it to WIN it.  Each themed room (Merlin’s Magic School. Vampires Lair, The Locker Room, Jack the Ripper, Bank Heist, and Titanic) are geared to present teams with a mystery in need of solving.  Teams are split into different rooms where each will have a timed, live adventure game.

Relying on wits and problem-solving skills each participant will work independently and alongside team members to create and share clues in order to solve the provided puzzle. Each game is engineered to develop communication and listening skills, demonstrate when its best to come together as a team and when it’s time to divide and conquer.  Players will learn how to problem solve under pressure and looming deadlines while overcoming petty differences while aiming at a common goal.  This common goal being WINNING! Learning life skills is a bonus of the Escape Room.

Boomers Palm Springs: Blue skies, fresh air and sunshine is splendid…even more so when experienced while flying down a go-kart racetrack or swinging for the fences of a batting cage.  Boomers Palm Springs offers these attractions among many more; miniature golf, bumper boats and a climbing wall along with a large arcade game room and ticket games with a prize counter.  Located off Highway 111 in Palm Springs, Boomers looks onto the foothills of the San Jacinto Mountain Range.  Spending an afternoon indoors enjoying ice cold air conditioning while everyone in the family has something aimed at their particular interests is great fun.  Even better is when the sun creeps behind the mountains and starts to cast a deep shadow across the acres of outdoor fun provided with paid entrance.  This is the prime time of day to take advantage of speeding go kart races, just fast enough to make it difficult yet safe enough that age appropriate youngsters can learn to drive.  Or get the tiniest bit drenched on a bumper boat excursion.  Have a blast navigating your boat around a large pool with other boats, trying hard to get the other pilots as wet as possible.  Or take a leisurely hour to introduce the young ones to golf.  Of the miniature variety.  Each hole is sized for children and offers hazards built for adults so fun can be had by all at the same time.  A few short minutes’ drive from downtown Palm Springs for a few hours of fun inside and outside at Boomers.

+ foodie heaven +

Ice Cream + Shoppe:   Cold treat in the desert? Yes, please. Stroll into Ice Cream & Shop(pe) located at the Arrive Hotel.  Offering a fun gift shop featuring items hand selected by hip southern Californian team members who are ready to assist with trinkets AND ice cream.  Featuring a rotating flavor list of both ice cream and sorbet, Ice Cream & Shop(pe) stays open long hours to help give a sweet fix late into the night.  Fan favorite flavors like vanilla bean and chocolate stay in regular rotation while flavors like macadamia nut, pink ginger and pomegranate chocolate chip are filtered in according to season.

Great Shakes: There is something remaining of California’s famous pioneer spirit here in Palm Springs.  Our valley was built up from desolation through individuals striving to fight the elements and succeed here in the face of society first saying “Where?” Followed by “WHY?”  Doug Nelson is one of these pioneer spirit people flying in the face of the norm by opening a now nationally ranked milkshake and malt shop called Great Shakes.  Located in the heart of Downtown Great Shakes keeps business hours all year long.  Yes, even in the middle of summer, that stretch of time responsible for people asked “What? Where?” Instead of seeing a lag in business during peak summer season Doug Nelson and family see an increase.  Prep time to make their signature scratch graham crackers. caramel, butterscotch and baked mini donuts increases to 3 hours prior to opening every day.  Stop by for an incredible shake or malt made with no artificial ingredients mixed into any flavor combination you care to try.  And fear not, if you pick a combination which is gutsy but not palatable then Doug and his pleasant staff will remake your mistrial into something fabulous.

+ outdoor adventures +

Indian Canyons: Of the rich history in Southern California it should not go without mention that our lands have had custodians for thousands of years before this area became the “SoCal” we know and love. The Cahuilla tribe has made the valley floor and soaring craggy rock faces home for millennia.  Thanks to their nearly zero footprint on the land not much evidence of their lives can be found today.  One rare and organic glimpse into the past life of the Cahuilla tribe is located in Indian Canyon, specifically Palm Canyon.  In modern time this trail system is maintained by the Agua Caliente Reservation.

A small entrance fee will grant access to the over 15 miles of hiking trails.  The Visitor Center and Trading post does a great job of demonstrating what the daily life of Cahuilla tribes people looked like.  Petroglyphs and ancient irrigation systems still remain from these days.  Starting on the Palm Canyon trail will wind you through narrow canyons ending in the largest grove of native California Fan Palms in the state. Literally an oasis, Palm Canyon features water all year long.  Stream side are the remnants of mortars used thousands of years ago for grinding grain.  A careful eye could reveal stone tools, an eagle eye may see petroglyphs carved into the rock faces.  A treasure trove of history as well as being a lovely spot for relaxing after a long hike.  Use hours from 8am-5pm gives ample time to accomplish any skill level of hiking you wish to do while ensuring arrival back at the car by sunset.

+ vintage vibes +

Design has been a long-standing part of the Palm Springs culture.  When the valley first burst onto the scene it was through Hollywood.  In the 20’s and 30’s studios locked their stars into very strict contracts which would dictate almost every aspect of their lives.  What movies actors were allowed to perform in, what style their hair was, ladies had make-up chosen by studio artists, and certainly clothes were selected by the wardrobe department.  Our very location served to make Palm Springs the ultimate getaway, 115 miles from Los Angeles was within the 125 mile travel boundary set by studio executives.  Through the years our style was shaped by what was en vogue at the time.  As years passed en vogue matured into vintage.  Palm Springs is the Mid Century Modern capitol of the world, we have more homes in this style than anywhere else on the globe.  With so much emphasis placed on the vintage aesthetic it’s a natural extension to have shopping which reflects this trend.  Downtown Palm Springs has an enormous selection of shops offering furnishings and clothing with this vintage flavor. A few of our favorites are…

  • Iconic Atomic Clothing

1103 N Palm Canyon Drive

Palm Springs, Ca
  • Gypsyland Clothing

2775 N Palm Canyon Drive

Palm Springs, Ca
  • Dazzles Clothing

1035 N Palm Canyon Drive

Palm Springs, Ca
  • Revivals Furnishings – Desert AIDS Project

611 S Palm Canyon Drive

Palm Springs, Ca

  • Antique Gallery of Palm Springs

505 E Industrial Place

Palm Springs, Ca
  • Flow Modern Furnishings

768 N Palm Canyon

Palm Springs, Ca
  • Victoria’s Attic Antique Mall

798 N Palm Canyon Drive

Palm Springs, Ca
  • Palm Springs Vinyl Records

220 N Palm Canyon Drive

Palm Springs, Ca
  • The Estate Sale Company

4185 E Palm Canyon Drive

Palm Springs, Ca

Experience an Oasis in the Desert

California has plenty of desert cities and towns, which bring back a feel of the old west and Hollywood starlets. Covering much of the Golden State are three vast deserts, The Mojave Desert, the Colorado Desert, and the Great Basin Desert which are home to outdoor activities, stunning views, and a surprisingly lush amount of life.  

So how is this place an oasis? By definition, an oasis is a fertile area in an arid region or desert location, which perfectly describes Palm Springs! Set within a dry locale, this little town has flourished over the years with access to plenty of water and spas. When you vacation here, whether it’s this fall or winter, or you’re planning your big 2018 trip, you’ll want to experience all that this area has to offer. Our Palm Springs luxury rentals at McLean Company host a wide array of options for you to choose from, which can enhance and maximize your stay in paradise.

How does a desert decidedly become an oasis for relaxation?

You might wonder how a desert city can become a leading location for relaxation? That’s a good question. With the influx of starlets and Hollywood attendees in the Mid-Century, this town grew and continues to do so today. A primary focus for this hidden oasis was indeed cool, calm, and collected atmospheres. Along with that mentality, wellness and health retreats began popping up all over the city to cater to those wanting a rejuvenating vacation. Beyond the fabulous architecture and the Palm Springs luxury rentals, you’ll find a trip to this stunning paradise worthwhile. Year-round it’s a great option for family, couples, and groups looking at getting away for a few days of rest, relaxation, and tranquility.

A Much Needed Spa Day

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Hidden in the desert, Palm Springs is a lovely place to visit, especially with the vast amount of fantastic spas. Known throughout the years as a leading wellness destination, you’re going to want to try a few locations while vacationing at our Palm Springs luxury rentals. Our little town gets around 300 days of sunshine each year, and with lots of mineral water in the area, you’re sure to have a fantastic time relaxing. Variations of spas bring a taste for every type of person and what they are decidedly looking for when it comes to their own zen.

Springs that feature hot water, or luxury meditation courses, soothing baths, and natural elements can help you find your peace while at your home away from home. Whether it’s an ultra luxe European Spa like Miracle Springs Spa, a cute boutique spa like The Spa at Mission Hills or a natural spa using healing water from local Desert Hot Springs at THE SPRING – A Natural Hot Mineral Spring Resort & Spa there are lots of wellness locations to choose. You can also craft your own private retreat at our Palm Springs luxury rentals; we’re sure you won’t leave here feeling exhausted, tired, and restless.

Perfect Palm Springs Luxury Rentals

Even after trying all of the local spa options, you might want to consider a wellness day back at your Palm Springs luxury rental. Most of our locations offer incredible backyard retreats that could rival any of the modern day spas. The Estate at Tuscany Fairway is a perfect example of paradise in the desert. Not only is it home to five bedrooms but the sprawling outdoor life is stunning. Featuring a large pool, reclining chairs, and a beautiful view of the 16th fairway, you’ll be right in your own oasis.

Is there more an Oasis can offer?

Of course, there is always more than what you have right in front of you. Many of our fabulous Palm Springs luxury rentals are home to pools and areas that can help your mind calm down from hectic and busy everyday life. Whether you bring the latest best selling novel, lay out on a floaty on the pool water, or you want some quiet time to yourself at your rental.

luxury villas palm springs, palm springs luxury rentals, Palm Springs Rentals, Palm Springs Vacation Rentals, vacation rentals in palm springs ca, Vacation Rentals Palm Springs

If you’re looking for something to do beyond a spa retreat or swimming pool to cool down, we recommend heading to the Indian Canyons. This beautiful spot, located on the Agua Caliente tribal land, is just a few minutes from downtown and is excellent for nature desert hiking. Not only will you get access to over 100 miles of fabulous hiking trails but most of the canyon’s lush greenery is due to the fan palms, plus small streams of water are abundant and bring the whole oasis together. It’s a stunning sight to see, especially with the desert as a panoramic backdrop.

However, you decide to spend your spa days, whether it’s relaxing by your Palm Springs luxury rentals pool, working out tired muscles with a deep tissue massage, or letting healing waters of the hot springs comfort your mind, body, and soul. Your desert California oasis is waiting for you! All you have to do is give McLean Company a call today and book your stay at one of our fabulous retreats.

What to bring for your Palm Springs Vacation

Summer is creeping up on us here in the California desert, and that means the days are getting longs and the temperature is slowly rising. With an incredible floral bloom coming to an end in the valley’s, there are other of great places to visit and things to see while visit and stay at one of McLean Company’s Palm Springs vacation homes. Before your enjoy your trip, bring these essential items with you, and you’ll be set for summertime under the sun.

Soak up the Sun

When vacationing anywhere warm, especially in California’s desert communities, it’s important to bring items that help protect your skin and eyes. Another great option for protecting yourself from the sun is to carry along a few pairs of sunglasses!  You can easily find cheaper versions of your designer favorites if you don’t want to worry about losing your beloved pair. Toss on a floppy sun hat or baseball cap, and you’ll be set to spend the day soaking up the sun.

For skin, sunscreen, after sun lotions, and aloe vera can come in handy. Sunscreen helps keep the exposure to UVA and UVB rays at bay. You can pick up your favorite sunscreen and almost any drugstore or grocery store in our area if you happen to leave yours at home. You might also want to consider after sun lotion which helps keep your skin from exfoliating during your trip. If you happen to spend more time in the sun than needed, you’ll want to grab a bottle of Aloe Vera. Let the cooling and healing properties soak into your skin overnight. You’ll find that these items might need to be used daily.

Cool by the Pool

Whether you’re cooling off by the pool or relaxing at a local spa, you won’t want to forget swimwear. Swimwear these days comes in all shapes and sizes, colorful two piece bikini’s and cute cut-out one-pieces to board shorts and square cut ones. You’ll have lots of fun picking which ones make the cut or bring them all!

The choice is yours on what to bring with you, but we recommend to think about items that are versatile. Mix and match your swimwear so that it can last more than one day. Add in comfy beachwear such as flowy dresses, shorts, tees or loose button-ups and comfortable shoes, and you’ll have a great suitcase full of options!

Whether you spend your days poolside, adventure out into town, or choose to relax near your vacation home, you’ll want these items with you on your trip. Don’t let your Palm Springs vacation fall short from too much sun exposure. McLean Company is here to help protect your mind, body, and soul this summer season when the heat sets in. Grab your sunnies, sunscreen, and swimwear then hit the Palm Springs California for a fun getaway.

Palm Springs Weekend

Best Homes for Walking & Biking

You might be wondering which of our vacation homes are located in the best neighborhood.  Whether it is walking distance to Downtown Palm Springs, or biking to the best brunch spots, we’ve compiled some of our favorite properties close by the best dining in town.

Las Palmas High Life

Located in the historic old las palmas neighborhood of Palm Springs, the Las Palmas High Life is perfect for your biking and walking adventures. Explore the amazing mid century modern homes, take your pup on a walk and bike to uptown. This location has it all.  Some of our favorite close brunch spots in Las Palmas include Arrive Hotel a brand new boutique hotel with amazing pool and poolside cocktails.  Take your pup on your walk or bike ride over to this spot for an amazing meal.

With the perfect weather in Palm Springs it’s always nice for a walk, especially to Koffi, one of our favorite neighborhood coffee shops. Across the street you’ll find one of the most popular breakfast spots Cheeky’s.  Make sure to show up early because the line starts early for their delicious Bloody Mary and bacon flight.

Colony 29 Palm Springs

Colony 29 is located walking distance to downtown Palm Springs.  This 7 acre, 13 bedroom home can be rented for weddings, corporate events, family reunions and vacation rentals.  Make sure to check out Spencer’s restaurant just down the street for brunch and lunch.Nestled at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains, Spencer’s offers a popular Palm Springs tradition of culinary excellence featuring a fresh approach to classic American cuisine. Lulu’s california bistro is also a popular spot for locals and tourists and offers a wide menu of options that anyone can enjoy!  Diners can choose to sit inside in air-conditioned comfort, enjoying views from various mezzanine levels, or experience the hustle and bustle of downtown Palm Springs from the lovely terrace.

Twin Palms Paradise

Just south of downtown Palm Springs you will find the charming neighborhood of Twin Palms.  The desirable Twin Palms neighborhood, officially known as Twin Palms Estates, is located in south Palm Springs and is the first Palm Springs neighborhood where Alexander homes were built during the years 1956 and 1957. Just down the street from Twin Palms Paradise guest can enjoy the trendy Ace Hotel, offering dining, pool side fun and cocktails all day.  Head on over to Kings Highway, the roadside diner at Ace Hotel & Swim Club to find your hangover cure.  Formerly a Denny’s restaurant, King’s Highway celebrates the ineffable, bohemian spirit of the wide open West. Chef Salgado’s menu for King’s Highway focuses on his deep commitment to using heirloom ingredients and locally-sourced produce to create exceptional Alta California fare for desert diners. .

If you’re looking for a traditional diner spot and a locals favorite, check out Elmers just down the street from the home.  You can’t go wrong with the comfort food at Elmers, but if you want something to talk about make sure to try their German Pancakes.  You will not be disappointed!

Last but not least, Gisseppes Palm Springs has fabulous brunch every Sunday 11am-3pm.  For $15.99 you get your choice of a wide range of breakfast items plus one glass of champagne, coffee, soft drinks or tea. This family owned, locals favorite is a must stop for families and friends.


The Coachella Valley is full of fun festivities for the entire family during the holidays without the below freezing temps. Check out some of our favorite things to do as a couple, a family, or by golly if you are just in the holiday spirit and want something to do.

Wildlights at The Living Desert

November 23 – December 24

What better way to spend a crisp winter evening in the desert than at The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. A million colorful, sparkling holiday lights transform the zoo into an enchanting winter wonderland.  Walk hand in hand with your secret Santa or try and keep up with the kids as they run through the tunnel of lights. So, grab a hot cocoa and be prepared to o-o-h and a-h-h like you never have before!


November 22 – January 8

Oh boy! Robolights is defiantly something you’ll be talking about for long after your visit. With, 8.4 million lights and over 4 acres to experience, it is the largest residential light display in the country. Take the tour and find out what happens when you combine Santa Claus with robots, aliens and a few microwaves here and there. Nobody should miss this, shall we say, “extremely interesting” light show. This will be the last year to experience it at this residence so don’t miss out!

Gingerbread Lane

December 8, 15, and 22nd

The second you walk through the gates you’ll enter a winter wonderland of Gingerbread delights! All around Santa’s workshop, you’ll find, gingerbread cookies and hot cider. There is cookie decorating tables and clay ornament painting for the kids. Santa will even be there to meet in person. The kiddos will thank you for not missing this fun family event.

Santa Fly-In at Palm Springs Air Museum

December 8 & 9

Santa arrives by vintage plane and gives out goody bags to children under the wing of a vintage aircraft. Children can have their picture taken with Santa and his Winter Fun land, where they can play in real snow! Children 12 and under get in free with paying adult.

Snowfall at The Garden’s on El Paseo

December 8 – 22

Who says we can’t have a white Christmas in the desert? Stroll through the Gardens on El Paseo every Friday and Saturday this December at 5 or 7pm to experience the sights of snowfall and the sounds of carolers.

Desert Botanicals you must see this Summer!

Trying to find summertime activities in Palm Springs can sometimes be difficult. When you book with McLean Company, we’re here to help make the most out of your vacation. Our fantastic Palm Springs vacation rentals are ideal for indoor and outdoor activities. If you want to get more out of your stay, head to one of the local desert botanical gardens this summer.

The Living Desert Zoo & Gardens

Many people enjoy adventuring out into the wilderness for some hiking, but with the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, there is a whole new world of opportunities for families, couples, and friends to experience. Located in Palm Desert, CA, a short drive from Palm Springs, you’ll find an amazing oasis in the Colorado Desert. At the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, you’ll get to meet 450 wild animals from desert environments of North America and Africa. Plus, 1400 desert plant species, plus add on a total of 1200 acres of protected land to the mix and we’re sure you’ll love every minute spent here. You can relax in the tranquil gardens, hike the many different trails, or enjoy the tram rides. Visitors here will see first hand the preservation of desert conservation, education through excellent programs, and appreciation of these plant and animal ecosystems.

Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium

When traveling through Palm Springs, you might find it is a popular destination for celebrities and famous icons. You’re in for a treat when you head towards Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium.  The Moorten family, known for helping create Walt Disney’s western themed amusement park, Frontierland, which later became Disneyland. By 1938 they made their own amazing family operated Arboretum which was built to showcase desert plants, cacti, and succulents from all over. Today you’ll find over 3,000 plants and succulents, each grouped by specific region. You’ll also want to walk through the Cactarium which is a greenhouse-like building, home to many succulents and smaller cacti. The legacy of the Moorten family has surrounded their beautiful, Palm Springs Arboretum, which is a treat for everyone and anyone to enjoy.   

Featured Palm Springs Vacation Rentals

If you’re looking for the perfect Palm Springs Vacation Rentals, you’ve come to the right place. We highly recommend looking into Spencer Palms, a sweet mid-century home with a beautiful, modern interior. A short 10-minute drive from the Airport will land you right at this fabulous three bedroom and two bathroom rental. Perfect for a small family, group of close friends, or a couple looking for a spacious home, Spencer Palms is fitting for anyone wanting to explore the region. As it’s close to the heart of Palm Springs, where shopping, spas, and nightlife are just minutes away.  You won’t regret choosing this architectural beauty, or enjoy browsing our other fantastic accommodations.

However, you plan to spend your days in Palm Springs, CA, make sure you venture out and explore more than just the spa life. With unusual desert plants and beautiful wide open valleys, you’ll want to see just what makes these communities so unique. Experience the sights and lush colors that make our retreating to our Palm Springs vacation rentals one to remember. Stay with us, at McLean Company, and we’ll get you ready for an unforgettable desert oasis trip of a lifetime.  


Winter is here, and no we’re not talking about that killer ending of Game of Thrones this past summer. The cold winter weather is in most of the northern states, and with many southern states experiencing significant dips in temperatures, it’s time to warm up and head to California for a winter getaway! Here are our five reasons to get away from the cold and book the best vacation rentals Palm Springs is known for, with McLean Company.

Learn to Relax

That’s right, Palm Springs is known for a relaxing atmosphere so why wouldn’t you embrace this lifestyle when visiting? It’s the perfect way to enjoy the area, sit back and lay poolside, catch some sun rays, and just enjoy the beauty of your winter vacation. Whether you spend time at your vacation rentals Palm Springs, or you enjoy a spa day, sit back and relax – you deserve it!

Waterfront Shops

Palm Springs, is one of the perfect locations for shopping, year-round. That’s right when the winter is cold, our desert California town shines. You can shop until you drop at the fabulous outdoor shopping center, The River in Rancho Mirage. This 30 acre, waterfront location, has a large selection of popular and famous shops as well as delicious dining spots for every type of family. You can also enjoy walking around Palm Springs and seeing the unique shops and boutiques you won’t find anywhere else.

Hit the Valley

Get outside! The weather is seriously so beautiful in the wintertime; you’ll want to spend every moment in the great outdoors. And when you’re in Palm Springs you can do that! Whether it’s at your rental or one of our desert locations like Indian CanyonsJoshua Tree National Park, or Coachella Valley Preserve. Walk the nature trails and see some unusual flora and fauna that you can only find in the desert. Make it a great day in the valley when you explore the area on foot!

Keep it Modern

Art in Palm Springs is unlike any other. The city is practically crawling with mid-century modern style from every corner of town. So it’s hard to imagine a trip to our desert area without seeing something art related. Whether it’s a tour of famous, modern homes or a trip to the Palm Springs Art Museum, there is indeed something here for every type of art connoisseur, we promise!

Tee Time

Don’t forget your clubs and collared shirts, because when you visit Palm Springs, you’ll want to try your hand at desert golfing. While the summer sun can get pretty toasty, winter offers cooler temps that make it one of the best times for golfing in California. Take a look at our other blog which features Tips for Golfing in Palm Springs.

No matter what you choose to do during your vacation, we know you’re about to have an unforgettable time. Bring your family, friends, or your sweetheart and start experiencing our beautiful desert community of Palm Springs, California. Dine of lavish meals, soak up the sun poolside, relax at the spa, hit the green for some tee time, spend a little at the shops, learn about the mid-century modern architecture of the area, or get outside and hike the trails. Your adventure is waiting and so is your reservation at one of the top vacation rentals palm springs is known for, book your trip with McLean Company and let your desert dreams come to life.