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Full-service vacation rental management designed to earn you more.

Poppy is a boutique, family-owned company founded in the heart of the desert. With more than 30 years of real estate management experience, Poppy is a trusted partner, an industry leader and provides guests and homeowners with an elevated vacation rental home experience.

Poppy is more than a vacation; it’s a curated experience. Our goal is to create elevated spaces, design memorable guest experiences, and cultivate a community of tastemakers and strategic brand partners to maximize brand exposure and drive profitability for our homeowners.

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Data-driven tactics & elevated spaces that drive profitability.

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Our Services

Poppy’s Vacation Rental Program is designed for homeowners who want to generate supplemental income from the rental of their property. We provide our homeowners the peace of mind and confidence that comes with 30 years of industry leadership and experience.

Marketing & Advertising

Poppy provides multi-platform, strategic advertising and marketing services that generate national brand awareness among target audiences. This strategy is designed to increase property visibility and generate revenue. Poppy reaches new customers via robust digital strategies that include targeted search, social media ads, and editorial features across digital and print outlets.

Brand Partnerships

In an effort to draw national attention and increase brand value, Poppy properties have housed numerous VIPs, star-studded events and buzz-worthy brands including Rachel Zoe, Refinery 29 and The Daily Front Row. Popular television shows have commissioned our properties as film sets, too, including Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Top Chef and more.

Lead Management

Lead management can quickly become overwhelming for any homeowner. Poppy’s custom CRM platform funnels inquiries across multiple sites and responds with immediate availability and pricing, increasing the conversion rate of all leads. Additionally, Poppy regularly follows up on leads to consistently sell your property.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Our maintenance and housekeeping staff are carefully selected and interviewed. Each team member has had a thorough background check to ensure the fastest, safest and best service possible. Prior to guest arrival, each Poppy property undergoes a thorough inspection process, completed by a Poppy staff member, at no cost to the homeowner. 

Market Insight & Metrics

Market price is an important component to successfully renting your property. Poppy consistently monitors performance and employs yield management practices to ensure your property is operating at the highest occupancy rate possible. This allows Poppy to adjust and improve your property’s pricing and performance throughout the year.

Smart Home Management

Homeowners have the opportunity to opt -in to Poppy’s Smart Home Management System. Keyless access allows Poppy to provide greater security for your property. Owners also have the opportunity to opt in with the HVAC energy solution, which connects with our reservation system to save owners upwards of 10-15% on monthly utility bills. 

Schedule a 30-minute New-Owner Intro Call to learn more.

Vacation Rentals are time intensive

Here's the management details we handle, so you can rest easy.
  • Guest Check In/Check Out
  • Tax Remittance
  • Vacation Rental Permit Renewals
  • Guest Contracts
  • Guest Starter Kit/Toiletries
  • 24 Hour Emergency Cleaning After Guest Departure
  • ACH Payment to Owner
  • CRM & Lead Tracking
  • Inquiry Management
  • Dynamic Pricing Set Up (optional)
  • Smart Home Solutions (optional)
  • Enterprise Management
  • 24 Hour Online Booking Engine
  • Maintenance Coordination

Schedule a 30-minute New-Owner Intro Call to learn more.

Our success is your success. Our business is tied to the business we bring you as an owner & Poppy partner. 

Schedule a 30-minute New-Owner Intro Call to learn more.

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Who rents my home?

Our policy is family groups only. We do not rent to fraternities, sororities, or other non-family or unrelated groups of persons less than 25 years of age. All guests planning to stay at a property must be listed on our Occupancy Agreement Form. Picture ID’s must be presented at check in.

What about Maintenance & Repairs?

Our company will handle any and all repairs and maintenance that may be required. We try to secure the best prices and quality work from the vendors and service representatives that we use. We do not authorize any work over and above $150 unless approved by the owner in advance. All invoices are automatically included and settled on your monthly Owner Statement.

How much rental income might I expect?

Income potential can vary significantly by house or condo, the number of days the home is available, CC&R restrictions, its location, style, size, amenities and availability on key holidays and events. Considering all these variables, we like to say our homeowners can conservatively expect 50% occupancy during prime season months (January-May). Summer months typically receive lower occupancy, however competitive pricing and overall destination growth continue to make Palm Springs a year-round economy.

How am I paid?

Your statement and check for income generated in any given month will be sent to you on the 10th of the next month. For example, you would receive February’s rental income on March 10th. All owner statements are also available online on our Owner’s Portal. We also offer an ACH payment solution where owners can sign up to receive their rental income within 24 hours directly deposited into their bank account.

What are your fees?

Our professional service fee is a 25% of the gross rental rate. Our commission on owner referral reservations is 20%.

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